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Wrapping products for cosmetic specialists
Our company offers a wide range of exclusive wrapping products that successfully assist in reducing circumference and losing weight.

The products include a wide variety of heating or cooling wrap lotions, gels, creams and aromatic oils, which are used professionally by beauticians in the pre-, main- and post-treatment for wrap therapy.

Traditional herbal mixtures and high-quality aromatic active ingredients, in combination with thermally active wrap components, successfully reduce cellulite and strengthen slack and brittle skin tissue by stimulating fat burning in the organism.

Our wrap products help the body to purify and detoxify from excess foreign substances, leading to the tightening of the wrapped skin areas.
We also offer a wide range of skin and facial care products.




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We turn today's ideas and dreams into tomorrow's products and innovations. Owner and company founder Philipp Schneider has many years of experience in development and production of cosmetics and loves what he does! Top priority at P.S. Kosmetikum is the satisfied customer, be it in the business area or with those who experience our products at first hand. Each product is handcrafted, carefully processed and quality controlled before it leaves our premises. You may ask us any time about content, sustainability, treatments and our philosophy. We will gladly respond and give anyone with interest as much information and insight as possible. The starting point is a healthy, human and value-based structure of our long-term goals and we strive towards these standards every day.



Our website is under construction and is constantly being expanded. If you have any questions, please send us an email or give us a call!

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